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New study reveals visual working memory may provide clues to autism’s social struggles

Poor visual working memory can play an important role in the struggles experienced by autistic children, according to a new study. The aim of this study was to compare the working memory profiles of autistic children with typically developing children. The results suggest that children with autism have much worse visual working memory compared to typically developing students. Autism News — ScienceDaily

Playground Designed to Help Children with Autism Build Social Skills

New playground at Maryland’s The Shafer Center features equipment designed to encourage interactions July 28, 2014 (July 28, 2014) – The Shafer Center, a school for children with autism ages 2-8, in Owings Mills, Md., opened a new playground designed specifically for children with autism. Such playgrounds are becoming more common around the country. Kristen DeBoy, an applied behavioral analysis therapist at the Shafer Center, told

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Autism and Social Acceptance: The Importance of Table Manners

Parents want to help transitioning teen master mealtime manners; autism educator Peter Gerhardt outlines key skills to tackle “We heard autism educator Peter Gerhardt talk about how important table manners are for social acceptance. Our 17 year old has come a long way in other aspects of his social life. But he still grabs food almost before it’s served, stuffs his mouth and generally

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