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Removing barriers to early intervention for autistic children: A new model shows promise

Acting on recommendations from the South Carolina Act Early Team, South Carolina changed its policies to pay for early intensive behavioral intervention in children under three revealed to be at high risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by a two-stage screening process. Previously, a formal diagnosis of ASD had been required. As a result, the number of children under three receiving early intervention grew

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In Rett syndrome model, team shows how adult learning is impaired in females

In mouse models of Rett syndrome — which in humans is seen overwhelmingly in females — researchers have demonstrated how failure of Mecp2, the mouse equivalent of the human gene of the same name, has biological consequences that prevent adult females from learning how to gather newborn pups in the days immediately following the pups’ birth. They reversed the defect. Autism News — ScienceDaily

Model with Down Syndrome Makes History at NY Fashion Week

Jamie Brewer is now much more than a runway model; she is a role model for all persons with disabilities. February 13, 2015 Actress Jamie Brewer is best known for her work on FX’s American Horror Story series but this week she made runway history at New York Fashion Week. Brewer became the first person with Down syndrome to take a turn as a

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