Bakery Teaches Career Skills to Young Adults with Autism

ABC 7 Eyewitness News highlights an Illinois program that gives an authentic opportunity to individuals with Autism.

December 19, 2014

An Illinois based organization is providing young adults with autism an invaluable opportunity to gain the tools to be successful in the workplace. The Have Dreams Academy is a non-profit organization in Evanston, Illinois, with their mission teaching individuals with autism vital job and social skills, leading to employment. Have Dreams Academy has teamed up with ILOVESWEETS Bakery, so participants can gain real world experiences. Walgreens has agreed to hire some program graduates.  Lucy Schomisch, a graduate of Have Dreams Academy was one of the graduates to be offered a job at Walgreens.

Lucy Schomisch told ABC 7, “”It’s my first official job. So it’s a huge accomplishment for me and I’ve been really proud of it.”

Jean Kroll, is an owner of a local bakery who hired two graduates of the program. He is extremely pleased with the dedication and hard work from his new workers. Mr. Kroll told ABC 7, “They are really great at repetitive work. They are really, really terrific employees,”

Bobbi Frazes Goldman, Have Dreams Academy Director of Development is ecstatic with what the program continues to accomplish.  Mr. Goldman said, “The Have Dreams Academy has given our young adult participants the confidence-building experience of being valued members of a real-world workforce.  This has been a source of great pride for both our participants and Have Dreams.”

You can read more about Have Dreams Academy from ABC 7 here.

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